Agricultural Plastic Recycling

Bale Wrap, Silage Wrap & Bunker Silo Cover Recycling

Westcoast Plastic Recycling now recycle plastics from the agricultural industry, these plastics include bale wrap, silage wrap as well as bunker silo covers. These wraps are generally made from LDPE and are fully recyclable as long as proceedures are followed and the waste kept as clean as possible.


• Remove most contaminants.
• If wet, hang to dry.
• Large pieces can be folded then rolled up tight and bagged. The folded & rolled material can also be bundle-tied, but must be tied well so as not to come apart.
• Smaller pieces of silage wrap can be bagged. Don’t overfill. Tie the bag closed.
• DO NOT mix other materials with silage wrap, bunker silo cover or bale wrap.


Part of our agricultural plastic recycling program includes baler twine. Once captured, the baler twine is recycled through a shredding and pelletizing process eventually turning the twine in new products.


• This easy removal method keeps twine clean and won’t break apart your bale:
• hold knot and cut twine close to knot
• holding the knot, pull twine through bale
• Clean off hay or debris (recycler will REFUSE if it is not totally hay-free).
• Store twine in the bulk bags provided to you
• Tie the filled bag closed, so that none of the contents spill out.