Jason Kemp
General Manager
Jason Kemp has been working in the recycling industry for over 14 years and is President of Westcoast Plastic Recycling Inc., which provides a lo-cost collection and recycling service for film and rigid plastics. His past experience in recycling includes working with the deposit/refund system for empties, scrap batteries, cardboard, paper, scrap metal and of course scrap plastic.
Peter Bissada
Director of Business Development
A seasoned marketing, sales and advertising professional with a knack for business development. Peter's passion for marketing, sales and advertising is reflected in every project that he is involved with and is the driving force to his success.

Justin Prokosh
Operations Manager/Dispatcher
Justin is one of the founders of Westcoast Plastic Recycling together with Jason Kemp. Jason & Justin created Westcoast Plastic Recycling Inc. and began recycling spent consumer and industrial plastic in February 2008.
Diana Kemp
Human Resources Manager
If you have are having a bad day or are just in need of a hug, Diana is always there for you waiting with open arms. Whether it comes to hiring new employees or filing worksafe reports, she is meticulous in everything she does.