Soft Plastic Recycling & Shrink Wrap Recycling

Shrink wrap recycling

Plastic Film / Soft Plastic Recycling

The soft plastic / shrink wrap recycling program currently helps divert roughly 8 million pounds of plastic out of our local landfills each year.

After the initial setup in our shrink wrap recycling program, Westcoast will drop off bulk bags for you to store the soft plastic in.  A collection truck will then be sent to your location on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis, depending on the volume of plastic your company is generating. We mainly collect HDPE, LDPE, & PP films like shrink wrap, shopping bags, bubble wrap etc…
Learn how soft plastic is recycled here

Loose Film
Pick-up service available
Westcoast offers a loose film pick-up service for those customers who are not producing enough to bale. This program is perfect for those who still want to do their part without having to spend the money on a baler.
Various Storage Solution
Solutions to fit any situation
Westcoast offers a variety of storage solutions that allows for flexibility for the customer.View storage solutions here
Award Winning Service.
We have won several awards
Westcoast has won/been nominated for several awards including BBB Torch Awards, Consumer Choice, CPIA, BC Small Business Award, Richmond News and others…
CodeDescriptionProduct Examples
High Density PolyethyleneShopping bags, lumber wrap, shrink wrap, bags and liners
Low Density PolyethyleneShrink Wrap, bubble wrap, poly liners, bags
PolypropyleneLumberwrap, PP Film
Most Common Type of Soft Plastics:
Shopping Bag Recycling

Shopping bags

Westcoast Plastic Recycling recycles almost all types of shopping bags/grocery store bags.

Produce Bag Recycling

Produce Bags

Produce bags are made predominantly of LDPE (Low-Density Poly Ethylene).

Shrink Wrap Recycling

Shrink Wrap

Fun Fact: Shrink wrap recycling was the first program Westcoast rolled out in 2008 at which time we were able to offer it for free. Unfortunately, the value of shrink wrap fell over the years due to tightening regulations in China. However, we recycle more shrink wrap than any other material we process.