Metal Recycling

scrap metal recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

Let us help you with your scrap metal recycling

The metal recycling program is a service for collection of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

After the initial setup on the scrap metal recycling program, Westcoast Plastic Recycling will drop off storage bins that fit your particular recycling need. Any metal scrap generated is put into one of Westcoast’s storage solutions. It is then transported back to our facility weighed and sent to processed. Westcoast will pay for certain types of metals based on market rates. Learn more about metal recycling here…

Metal Recycling
Pick-up service available
Westcoast offers a metal recycling pick-up program, you are provided with storage containers and we can arrange for a regular pick-up.
Various Storage Solution
Solutions to fit any situation
Westcoast offers a variety of storage solutions that allows for flexibility for the customer. View solutions here…
We offer fair compensation
Westcoast will pay for certain types of metal depending on market rates.